Teddy’s Last Ride – 9 Weeks from Now (Teaser)

9 Weeks From Now
In the first nine weeks after conception, it is biologically impossible to determine whether the embryo will be male or female, or x. Nine weeks later, it will be decided whether it will be a boy or a girl like a blank sheet of paper that is almost immediately coloured pink or blue by the outside world.

9 Weeks From Now is a multidisciplinary dance theatre performance about the first nine weeks after conception and the journey of growing up; it is about who you are, how you are perceived by society based on the gender you have been assigned and who you want or need to be.

With this performance, written and directed by Andy Smart, Teddy’s Last Ride investigates gender in relation to family dynamics. Three individuals are confronted with the journey from the safe state inside the mothers’ warm womb to the realization of being singular, different, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

Film and edit

Thomas Grootoonk