Goodbye_porn – Trailer

Goodbye_porn is an exploratory club experience about queer intimacy, club spaces and promiscuity. This rave in the making aims to explore and portray different ways we can be intimate with each other by deconstructing pornography and normative sexuality. Through moving limbs, risk taking, yet vulnerable physicalities and techno, four bodies will take you on a clubbing journey into pleasure and intimacy, by removing the shame and taboos that often follow sexuality, and inviting you to shed your own assumptions on what intimacy can be and look like.

Goodbye_porn is a collaboration with Paradigm Festival and Grand Theatre Groningen; previews of the performance have been showcased at Paradigm-events and Noorderzon. The opening of Goodbye_porn will take place on the 20th and 21st December at Grand Theatre in Groningen.


Film & Edit

Thomas Grootoonk